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South Carolina Has Such a Teacher Shortage; They Are Considering Hiring Non-Certified Teachers

South Carolina has been facing an acute shortage of teaching professionals across the state. The schooling districts have no way to take care of the educational needs of the students. Hence, it has led to a serious crisis. In the recent past, South Carolina House came up with a bill. This bill allows men and women without teaching certifications to hold teaching jobs. With every passing day, the shortage of teachers is growing across the state. Therefore, it became necessary for the state to take a step like this. The lawmakers in South Carolina are finding it extremely difficult to find teachers that can fill their classrooms. It is possibly one of the reasons why they have resorted to getting people to work as teachers who do not have the requisite certificate to do so.

According to the new bill, non-certified educators are allowed to teach students. They can teach in the classrooms provided the school has a vacancy five days before the beginning of an academic year. These non-certified teachers can teach students for around two years. According to this bill, the students will get academic guidance from the teachers that will help them prepare for the next grade. While Republican Representative Raye Felder is excited about the bill, many critics believe that this move is an ill-advised one and is not suitable to meet the various educational needs of the students. The bill does not have any provision for training the non-certified staff on the subjects they would teach.

Even many high school teachers think that this way of dealing with the shortage of teachers is unacceptable. Since the non-certified teachers have no means of providing quality education to the students, students’ interests may get hampered in this way. However, most people agree that the intent of this new bill is good and commendable. The problem is that a lack of a sufficient number of teachers in South Carolina has led to a crisis in student achievement across the state. Even though many teachers agree that this bill is not the right way of dealing with the crisis, but they opine that the state must come up with a better way of managing the teacher shortage as soon as possible.

Based on the data as presented by The Centre for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement, nearly 700 classrooms in South Carolina commenced this school year without teachers. Moreover, it’s believed that the shortage in teaching staff is likely to increase in the next year. Most people in South Carolina believe that this bill will not achieve the goals behind its original intention. While there are many people with degrees in different subjects like biology, mathematics, and chemistry, most of them hold high-paying jobs, and they would be reluctant to teach in a classroom. Hence, it means that the bill can lead to the hiring of incompetent teachers who are not suitable for the job of a teacher.