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Georgia Schools: Increasing Their Recruitment Efforts for Substitute Teachers

Georgia School Jobs

The schools in many parts of Georgia, including Decatur, are now enhancing their recruitment efforts to get more substitute teachers on board to manage the ongoing shortage of teaching staff. Multiple city schools in Decatur have recruited 11 full-time substitutes to handle the lack of substitute teachers within the district. The school board also approved the request for funding made at the personnel report. The provisions made at the mid-year budget amendments have led to an increase in the general fund by $443,000. These substitute teachers work every single day to ensure that the classrooms have teachers when their primary teachers are not present. The school management had to manage some funds from the general fund for paying salaries of the substitute teachers since it can be hard for the schools to get substitute teachers.

Nowadays, several; schools are focusing on getting substitute teachers for the classes to maintain the steady availability of these teachers. The truth is there has been a shortage of substitute teachers across the country. Hence, all the states across the country have been affected by that. Many substitute teachers love working in the schools in Decatur since this region has an excellent schooling system. However, even though there are a huge number of non-substitute teachers, there is still a dearth of sufficient numbers of substitute teachers right now in Georgia and other parts of the country. To encourage new substitute teachers to come and join the schools, the district of Decatur has now decided to pay $25 as an additional amount to the substitute teachers to make them feel enthusiastic to join the schools.

The district of Decatur has now chosen to recruit 12 full-time substitutes. Hence, these substitutes will be recruited to teach at the elementary schools. There are also two for the high schools and the middle schools. The overall budget meant for covering the cost of the substitute teachers is $288,000. This total expenditure is included in the FY22 budget. The amendments in the budget include a request of about $75,000. It is to manage the expenses for the PPE supplies for the rest of the year. The recent budget didn’t have the provisions for additional personal protective equipment as inventory for the PPE products is now dwindling. The need for PPRE products like filters and face masks has escalated. Such factors have also made it mandatory for the school management to work with a bigger budget to get new substitute teachers.

Multiple districts in Georgia now realize that to ensure the local schooling system work effectively, it is essential to make provisions in the budget so that more substitute teachers get hired. The so-called substitute teachers are now looking to find financially rewarding jobs that suit their needs properly. Currently, several school organizations in the state of Georgia are trying to do some research that can provide them with valuable data. This data can help improve the functional aspects of the teaching faculty.

Phoenix Teacher Job Fair April 18, 2019

Over 20 Schools will be recruiting at our Teacher Job Fair in Phoenix on April 18, 2019

Date: 4.18.19 Time: 12:30 to 3:30 pm

Location: Radisson Hotel Phoenix Airport
427 N 44th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Bring copies of your resumes with you to the event. Dress for interviews.
Parking at hotel and nearby public transportation.

Teach In China Interview Process Teacherjobfairs

Teach In China Interview

We have streamlined our interview process for teaching candidates to teach in China. To expedite the process once the teaching candidate has sent us their resume, photo of their degree(s) and photo of their passport, we now can arrange a video interview with the school in China. The goal being is to have the qualified teacher able to successfully interview and receive a written offer. This time savings allows for the teaching candidate to better prepare for the interview rather than focus on a separate introduction video.

The video interview is conducted via the free Chinese Social Media app WeChat. Dylan our Social Media Manager will accept your request and then message you back to check that you are all ready to be interviewed. For teaching candidates that have sent us the documents listed above, they can then schedule the interview with the school. WeChat has been downloaded more than 1 Billion times and is one of the most used free communication apps not only in China but throughout the world.

These are the steps needed to follow to set up a free WeChat account and contact Dylan our Tech Manager.

1. Visit your app store and download “Wechat” it looks like a green icon.
2. Set up the account by following the instructions they give you in the app.
3. Press the plus on the top right and choose “add contact”
4. Look for my id called dylandugan and press add
5. Wait for me to add you and send you a message saying I did.
That’s all you need to do to set up the account and do a face to face video interview!

Any questions contact us at 718.902.5926 or email Walter Kelly

Take an Active Role in Your Career as Teacher Jobs Growth are in Bilingual Education

Are you motivated, fluent in multiple languages, and passionate for helping others succeed? If this describes you, then you are the perfect candidate for a career path as a bilingual teacher.

As a bilingual teacher, your duties will include educating students on a new language, testing their skills, and incorporating up-to-date styles of teaching successfully. As someone who is fluent in both Spanish and English, you can take charge of your career path as a bilingual Spanish teacher. Students may have some knowledge of Spanish while fluent in English, or students may speak Spanish with little knowledge of English. You will be able to assist these students in reaching their goals of speaking multiple languages fluently.

Diligence is important in your efforts of finding the right career path. If this sounds like the kind of work you are seeking, then you need to apply for teacher jobs. According to Education Week, schools are in a serious need of bilingual teachers. There are available bilingual teaching positions all over the United States, which offers opportunities to relocate or remain in your current area.

A career as a bilingual teacher includes a reliable source of income and firm job security. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides that in May 2015 the median annual income earned by Kindergarten and elementary school teachers was $54,550, and the job outlook is around 6% for 2014-2024.

Choosing a role in a career path that educates students will provide you with a fulfilling journey of helping them become successful. By teaching new languages to students, you taking an active role in their education and future. Now is the time to apply for bilingual teacher recruitment and to put your knowledge to good use.

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Detroit Public Schools Teacher Shortage

Detroit Public Schools Teacher Shortage

Over 300 Teacher Jobs need to be filled for the 2017-2018 School Year

Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti announced this week that there are still 340 teacher vacancies — 243 in general education and 97 special education openings — The district employs about 3K teachers.

Five Questions to Ask Before Landing an International Teaching Job

International Teacher Jobs

With globalization on the rise, and the increasing importance of English in the business world, foreign governments and NGOs are realizing the immense benefits of having native English teachers in their schools. While teaching English is not the only way to score an International Teaching Job, it is by far the most popular. Teaching English is a great opportunity for young Americans to travel, experience new cultures, share their perspectives, and do it at little to no cost (or in some cases, even at a profit!) However, many people who move abroad to teach may find the reality of their position is nowhere near what they were expecting. That’s why it is a good idea to know exactly what you are getting into before you buy your plane ticket, so here are a few questions you should ask up front before accepting a position.

1. How many hours will I be expected to work?
This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people show up at a job placement expecting to work a few hours a day, and have the majority of the time to themselves. This may be the case in certain placements, but many placements will expect you to be a full time employee at the school. Depending on workplace culture, you may also be expected to stay late or work weekends. Make sure to check exactly what the school or company expects of you, and be willing to be flexible with your schedule if the need arises.

2. What is my role in the classroom?
Depending on what qualifications you have, some jobs might expect you to take on the role of head teacher. You might be expected to plan lessons, make seating charts, or even decide on a curriculum! If you have the right qualifications, these jobs might afford you an opportunity to stay abroad for a longer period of time, and will probably come with some nice incentives. On the other hand, most English teaching jobs you will find will most likely be for assistant teachers. This is true of private companies as well as programs like the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) or Fulbright Scholarships. In these positions you will most likely be paired up with a native teacher, and you will assist the class. The responsibilities for an assistant vary from being a human tape recorder (Please repeat after me), to designing activities and cultural lessons for the class. Make sure you understand what your role will be, ensure you are adequately prepared.

3. What are my financial obligations?
Moving abroad is costly, but some companies or schools will try to make it easier on you by taking care of some of the startup costs. Some programs might reimburse your plane ticket, or subsidize your room and board while you are abroad. Other programs may expect you to front the whole bill, including plane tickets, room and board, and supplies for teaching. It is important for you to be prepared, because once you are abroad, financing options are limited.

4. What are my legal requirements?
If a school or company is hiring you to teach English abroad, they SHOULD sponsor a visa and help you with immigration documentation. That being said, it is still a good idea to ask if you need to apply for the Visa, what documentation you need to provide, and whether or not there are any fees attached. Once you arrive, you should check if there is any additional paperwork you need to fill out, such as tax documents. You may also need/want to open a bank account so you don’t have to deal with foreign transaction fees. It is also a good idea to ask whether you need to purchase any kind of insurance, or if it is provided by the organization hiring you.

5. What do you do for fun?
Besides knowing the logistics of moving to a foreign country and your job, it is also important to remember it is OK, in fact, it is encouraged to have a life outside of your job. Ask about what kinds of community organizations, entertainment options, or cultural events you might be able to participate in. Ask about ways you to learn the native language, whether or not you will need a car to get around, and how much support the school will offer you outside of working hours. If you are nervous about living abroad, it can be comforting to know if there are other foreigners in your area you could talk to, so ask about organizations for expats in the area. Above all, make sure you are confident you will be able to make a few friends, even if they are also teachers at your school. Being abroad can be an extremely lonely experience, but if you are willing to put the effort in, you will make lifelong friends.

Whether you want to spend a year travelling after college, or you are ready to make a permanent move abroad, teaching English can open up a world of opportunities (Literally!). Make sure you have all the information, and you will surely find a placement or a country to fit your needs!

To view international teacher jobs visit for open positions or attend our teacher job fairs and meet with international schools recruiting.



TEACHERJOBFAIRS.ORG is proud to announce the Chicago Teacher Job Fair. celebrates its Sixth Year of having this event in Chicago. began the year with its first fair of the year in Los Angeles on February 15, 2017 which drew over 185 teacher attendees. For the Chicago event, employers include School Districts from Illinois as well as from across the US and as far away as Alaska.

“We are excited that this is our sixth year of having this event in Chicago. It is the largest non-University hosted teacher recruitment event in Chicago. We take pride in providing the best venues for school employers across the US to find the best teaching talent that our country has to offer.” states CEO Christopher Dugan. “With our national teacher network of over three hundred and thirty seven thousand members, we offer our school clients the ideal integrated recruitment platform to connect with the teaching talent that they desire and need.” Mr. Dugan also states, “We continue to introduce many unique products and services in the social media and digital spaces most recently with the advent of our You Tube Channel. The You Tube Channel includes interviews with School Superintendents and School Executive Directors as well as featuring Teachers and Student Teachers that are members of our network. We have been rolling out social media products that are industry firsts and will create more and stronger opportunities for our school clients to bond and be branded with our national teacher network.”

The Chicago Teacher Fair will be held in the Schaumburg area. The teacher job fairs are free to all teachers. Teachers are encouraged to register before the career fair at and to visit the website to view event logistics. Teaching candidates may also better prepare for the event by visiting the recruitment and career advice videos found on the YouTube Channel.
School clients are encouraged to visit the website at to obtain exhibitor and sponsor package information or call 718.902.5926 for more information.

About is the leading Teacher recruitment website and job fair company in the US. For six years, has provided over 40 Teacher Job Fairs annually. Through its integrated recruitment platform which includes digital recruitment services, social media and job fairs both teachers and employers have a way of connecting like never before. facilitates the career search and hiring process. For more information visit