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Teach In China Interview

We have streamlined our interview process for teaching candidates to teach in China. To expedite the process once the teaching candidate has sent us their resume, photo of their degree(s) and photo of their passport, we now can arrange a video interview with the school in China. The goal being is to have the qualified teacher able to successfully interview and receive a written offer. This time savings allows for the teaching candidate to better prepare for the interview rather than focus on a separate introduction video.

The video interview is conducted via the free Chinese Social Media app WeChat. Dylan our Social Media Manager will accept your request and then message you back to check that you are all ready to be interviewed. For teaching candidates that have sent us the documents listed above, they can then schedule the interview with the school. WeChat has been downloaded more than 1 Billion times and is one of the most used free communication apps not only in China but throughout the world.

These are the steps needed to follow to set up a free WeChat account and contact Dylan our Tech Manager.

1. Visit your app store and download “Wechat” it looks like a green icon.
2. Set up the account by following the instructions they give you in the app.
3. Press the plus on the top right and choose “add contact”
4. Look for my id called dylandugan and press add
5. Wait for me to add you and send you a message saying I did.
That’s all you need to do to set up the account and do a face to face video interview!

Any questions contact us at 718.902.5926 or email Walter Kelly