Category Archives: Educator Job Fairs to host their annual Georgia SPED Virtual Teacher Job Fair on February 28, 2023

Georgia SPED Virtual Teacher Job Fair
Georgia SPED Virtual Teacher Job Fair

Schools from Georgia and surrounding states will attend the hiring event focused on recruiting Special Education Teachers. As one of the hardest-to-recruit niche groups of educators, Special Education Teachers (SPED) work with students who have learning, mental, emotional, or physical disabilities. As a result, SPED Teachers are a highly sought-after group of educators averaging salaries ranging from $46,000 to $77,000 in Georgia based on experience.

According to the state of Georgia teacher shortage data collected across 2019 and 2022, there is an estimated 3,400 vacancies in special education teacher positions. As a result, many schools need help to hire and retain educators. One of these schools is the Fulton County School System in Georgia. In 2022, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp approved a $2,000 bonus as an incentive to hire and keep teachers amid a staffing shortage. For Fulton County Schoo System the incentives were increased up to $7,500.

Many schools will attend the SPED Virtual Teacher Job Fair in Georgia. The online hiring event will allow educators to apply and interview online. The job fair is scheduled to take place February 28, 2023, from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm Eastern Time Zone. To register and obtain more information, visit

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Georgia Schools: Increasing Their Recruitment Efforts for Substitute Teachers

Georgia School Jobs

The schools in many parts of Georgia, including Decatur, are now enhancing their recruitment efforts to get more substitute teachers on board to manage the ongoing shortage of teaching staff. Multiple city schools in Decatur have recruited 11 full-time substitutes to handle the lack of substitute teachers within the district. The school board also approved the request for funding made at the personnel report. The provisions made at the mid-year budget amendments have led to an increase in the general fund by $443,000. These substitute teachers work every single day to ensure that the classrooms have teachers when their primary teachers are not present. The school management had to manage some funds from the general fund for paying salaries of the substitute teachers since it can be hard for the schools to get substitute teachers.

Nowadays, several; schools are focusing on getting substitute teachers for the classes to maintain the steady availability of these teachers. The truth is there has been a shortage of substitute teachers across the country. Hence, all the states across the country have been affected by that. Many substitute teachers love working in the schools in Decatur since this region has an excellent schooling system. However, even though there are a huge number of non-substitute teachers, there is still a dearth of sufficient numbers of substitute teachers right now in Georgia and other parts of the country. To encourage new substitute teachers to come and join the schools, the district of Decatur has now decided to pay $25 as an additional amount to the substitute teachers to make them feel enthusiastic to join the schools.

The district of Decatur has now chosen to recruit 12 full-time substitutes. Hence, these substitutes will be recruited to teach at the elementary schools. There are also two for the high schools and the middle schools. The overall budget meant for covering the cost of the substitute teachers is $288,000. This total expenditure is included in the FY22 budget. The amendments in the budget include a request of about $75,000. It is to manage the expenses for the PPE supplies for the rest of the year. The recent budget didn’t have the provisions for additional personal protective equipment as inventory for the PPE products is now dwindling. The need for PPRE products like filters and face masks has escalated. Such factors have also made it mandatory for the school management to work with a bigger budget to get new substitute teachers.

Multiple districts in Georgia now realize that to ensure the local schooling system work effectively, it is essential to make provisions in the budget so that more substitute teachers get hired. The so-called substitute teachers are now looking to find financially rewarding jobs that suit their needs properly. Currently, several school organizations in the state of Georgia are trying to do some research that can provide them with valuable data. This data can help improve the functional aspects of the teaching faculty.

Take an Active Role in Your Career as Teacher Jobs Growth are in Bilingual Education

Are you motivated, fluent in multiple languages, and passionate for helping others succeed? If this describes you, then you are the perfect candidate for a career path as a bilingual teacher.

As a bilingual teacher, your duties will include educating students on a new language, testing their skills, and incorporating up-to-date styles of teaching successfully. As someone who is fluent in both Spanish and English, you can take charge of your career path as a bilingual Spanish teacher. Students may have some knowledge of Spanish while fluent in English, or students may speak Spanish with little knowledge of English. You will be able to assist these students in reaching their goals of speaking multiple languages fluently.

Diligence is important in your efforts of finding the right career path. If this sounds like the kind of work you are seeking, then you need to apply for teacher jobs. According to Education Week, schools are in a serious need of bilingual teachers. There are available bilingual teaching positions all over the United States, which offers opportunities to relocate or remain in your current area.

A career as a bilingual teacher includes a reliable source of income and firm job security. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides that in May 2015 the median annual income earned by Kindergarten and elementary school teachers was $54,550, and the job outlook is around 6% for 2014-2024.

Choosing a role in a career path that educates students will provide you with a fulfilling journey of helping them become successful. By teaching new languages to students, you taking an active role in their education and future. Now is the time to apply for bilingual teacher recruitment and to put your knowledge to good use.

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New York, NY Teacher Job Fair August 4, 2016 Over 15 School Districts Hiring

The New York City Teacher Job Fair will be held on August 4, 2016. Over 15 Schools will be recruiting Teachers, Educators and for other school positions.

Schools including Democracy Prep, Explorer Schools, AHRC, Uncommon Schools, Mott Academy Charter Schools, Newburgh School District, Metropolitan LightHouse Charter School and many more are hiring.

Register online at #teacherjobs #jobsteacher

Teachers Jobs 2015

The Demand for Teachers Increased in 2015

Schools across the United States are struggling to cope with the vacant positions of teachers. While the situation is really very bad in rural and poverty ridden school districts it is almost equally bad in other parts of the country. There is a dearth of qualified and trained teachers that is posing a serious threat to the education system of the country. The demand for teachers is on the rise for two reasons – increase in the number of students and a significant reduction in the resources pipeline of teachers. The count of teachers in 2011 was 3.3 million and the growth rate is expected to be pegged at 13 percent through 2018. Therefore, it is no wonder that more teachers are needed in 2015.

Chronic Shortage:
Besides the overall shortage there is chronic shortages of teachers in various categories that are subject specific. The overall picture can be understood from some numbers given below.

  • It begins with pre-school education that is ranked at 15th in the world in teacher student ratio, with considerable shortfall in supply of qualified pre-Kindergarten teachers.
  • Scarcity of teachers for special education affects 49 of the 50 states of the country.
  • On the supply front, the colleges for education find it very difficult to produce teachers of science and mathematics in double digits.
  • Only 10 percent of school districts in the high poverty areas can manage to recruit qualified teachers.

Diverse Talent Pools:
It has been observed that the schools perform at their best levels when they have access to teachers from diverse talent pools. Teachers made available from various teacher preparation programs are the best candidates for imparting quality education and align with the philosophy and culture of schools with ease. But unfortunately, this has not happened. Hence the necessity of building pipelines to make up for quality teachers.

Apathetic Youth:
The supply pipeline of resources for teachers have been throttled for quite some time due to the apathy of the average educated youth to pursue the profession of teacher. Teaching is a challenging profession that is rewarding too. Despite admitting this fact, youths do not find enough motivation to take up teaching as a career. The lessons of the financial meltdown have made the younger generation look for occupations that are financially stable and sustainable. The misery is further compounded by the district budgets that are filled with uncertainties and the ongoing education dialogues of the public.

The Way Forward:
The problem has to be addressed from a more discernable depth that unlocks the supply line by motivating the youth to take up the noble profession of teaching that can be joyful and challenging. The focus has to be centered on preparing teachers, supporting them and developing a sense of community that is essential to sustain them in the profession. A healthy pipeline of qualified and motivated teachers is the only answer to the problem.
The education fraternity has to take the responsibility of creating environments that attract the youth to teaching and support them in continuous development.

Tech Educators

High Demand of Science Teachers & Tech Educators

The paradox about the teaching profession in America is that despite its prospects of high wages it has failed to attract the youth. The schools have realized the need to make pay and duties much better but it still seems not enough to make up the huge gap in demand and supply of qualified teachers. The story is the same throughout the country. Continue reading High Demand of Science Teachers & Tech Educators

Tips for Email Cover Letters

When you are conducting an online job search or sending applications via the email, it is extremely important that you create a positive first impression. A good first impression can get you the job interview you are looking for, which can be your next platform to prove your skills. To achieve this aim, you need to come up with a good email cover letter for your resume.

Writing a better email cover letter for your resume.

Come up with a good subject line:
Career advisers always put special emphasis on the subject line of an email cover letter. What you write in this line can either get your letter read immediately or ignored royally. Hence you should put special effort in coming up with a good subject line for your cover letter. Don’t simply leave your subject line blank or just put the job number on it. Your letter’s subject line should be very clear and very specific to the job that you are applying for.

A good example of a subject line for a person wishing to apply for a Teacher position may be: Certified Washington State Elementary School Teacher.

This subject line will immediately inform the recruiter that you are already certified in the State and have experience as a Teacher working with Elementary School Children.

Some examples of a less desirable subject lines are: Excellent worker, motivated employee, passionate teacher.

Use a standard protocol for your cover letter:
Your letter should be presented as the body of the email and have a salutation as well as a standard closing. You should leave blank lines between the paragraphs and implement proper closing lines and signature. In your signature, put all information that you would normally have on a business card, such as phone number, email address and snail mail address. Make sure that your voice mail greeting is professional in case your potential employer leaves a message.

Keep your letter short and dynamic:
As recruiters and managers are always busy going through hundreds of mails, you need to keep your letter short and simple while at the same time appeal to them enough so that they call you for an interview. Remember that they are looking to get the basic gist of your letter in 150 or less words. For this reason, the first paragraph of your letter is very crucial. You need to make short paragraphs and sentences to present yourself and your abilities. Let them know in well constructed but brief sentences about your skills and what you can accomplish for them. Do not use wording that fills space such as passionate, dedicated, hardworking, etc. These types of words distract from the professional experience and take up space from other more important words.

Make sure that the formatting of your letter is kept simple:
While writing your cover letter in a word processing program, make sure to do away with all the formatting and save your file as plain text. The ideal length of a line is about 40 characters. There are numerous email service providers that do an automatic word wrap for their users so that the letter does not come up in fragments. You can also use other programs that can format your cover letter for you.

Be very specific in your letter:
While responding to a particular job ad, make sure that you have the requisite skills for it. It is of no use applying for a job of an Certified Experienced Bilingual Teacher when you are actually a Teacher with no Bilingual experience and no certification. Numerous job applications actually get rejected just for this very reason. By making sure that your application is specific and relevant, you will save both on yours as well as the recruiters’ time.