Georgia Schools: Increasing Their Recruitment Efforts for Substitute Teachers

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The schools in many parts of Georgia, including Decatur, are now enhancing their recruitment efforts to get more substitute teachers on board to manage the ongoing shortage of teaching staff. Multiple city schools in Decatur have recruited 11 full-time substitutes to handle the lack of substitute teachers within the district. The school board also approved the request for funding made at the personnel report. The provisions made at the mid-year budget amendments have led to an increase in the general fund by $443,000. These substitute teachers work every single day to ensure that the classrooms have teachers when their primary teachers are not present. The school management had to manage some funds from the general fund for paying salaries of the substitute teachers since it can be hard for the schools to get substitute teachers.

Nowadays, several; schools are focusing on getting substitute teachers for the classes to maintain the steady availability of these teachers. The truth is there has been a shortage of substitute teachers across the country. Hence, all the states across the country have been affected by that. Many substitute teachers love working in the schools in Decatur since this region has an excellent schooling system. However, even though there are a huge number of non-substitute teachers, there is still a dearth of sufficient numbers of substitute teachers right now in Georgia and other parts of the country. To encourage new substitute teachers to come and join the schools, the district of Decatur has now decided to pay $25 as an additional amount to the substitute teachers to make them feel enthusiastic to join the schools.

The district of Decatur has now chosen to recruit 12 full-time substitutes. Hence, these substitutes will be recruited to teach at the elementary schools. There are also two for the high schools and the middle schools. The overall budget meant for covering the cost of the substitute teachers is $288,000. This total expenditure is included in the FY22 budget. The amendments in the budget include a request of about $75,000. It is to manage the expenses for the PPE supplies for the rest of the year. The recent budget didn’t have the provisions for additional personal protective equipment as inventory for the PPE products is now dwindling. The need for PPRE products like filters and face masks has escalated. Such factors have also made it mandatory for the school management to work with a bigger budget to get new substitute teachers.

Multiple districts in Georgia now realize that to ensure the local schooling system work effectively, it is essential to make provisions in the budget so that more substitute teachers get hired. The so-called substitute teachers are now looking to find financially rewarding jobs that suit their needs properly. Currently, several school organizations in the state of Georgia are trying to do some research that can provide them with valuable data. This data can help improve the functional aspects of the teaching faculty.