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New Jersey Virtual Teacher Job Fair

 New Jersey Virtual Teacher Job Fair
Dec 1, 2021
12:30 pm to 3:30 pm EST
Teacherjobfairs.org invites you to attend our  Virtual-Online Teacher Job Fair!
TIME FOR THIS EVENT: 12:30 pm TO 3:30 pm EST
(eastern standard time zone)

Get your resumes ready! Meet hundreds of educators and employers hiring at this event.

What is this event?
Our Virtual-Online Teacher Job Fair will bring together employers and hundreds job seekers interested in working for the education sector. Use your tablet or pc to apply for jobs and interview with employers online!

Job seekers and employers will meet online
Interview and communicate with school representatives via our proprietary Virtual-Online career fair platform. In simple words, you may now attend a job fair from the comfort of your home, office or any quiet space using your computer. 
Our Virtual Job Fair software will allow you to:

-CHAT/TEXT directly with recruiters.  You will communicate directly with the decision maker
-VIDEO INTERVIEW directly with recruiters:  If you choose to have a video interview, simply accept the employer's invitation and have a face to face interview
-PHONE INTERVIEW directly with recruiters:  if you choose to have a telephone interview simply accept the employer's invitation and begin your talk directly from the job fair.   

What types of employers are recruiting at this event?
Public schools, Private schools, Charter schools, Colleges, Trade schools, Vocational schools, Universities and International schools.

Why attend?
This event is free to job seekers.
-You have a unique chance of interviewing with many recruiters online.
-You will have the opportunity to network with hundreds of educators
-You have the opportunity to learn about other career opportunities

What are some examples of Employment Positions?
The focus of this job fair is to recruit Teachers and school personnel.  Elementary school k-12 T, Middle school-Junior schools, High schools Private schools, Charter Schools will be recruiting at this event for different types of teaching positions.

How to prepare for this event?
Register online at teacherjobfairs.org and upload your resume
Review Videos on how to join the Virtual-Online Job Fair
Log in the day of the event and click on employers you wish to interview with.   Dress for Interviews –for those using Video Interviews

How to register?
Employers click on Employer registration below or contact our sales team at 718-902-5926.

Job seekers click on Job Seeker registration below

*Please note that registration is only valid at teacherjobfairs.org site. No other site is authorized to accept registrations for our events.
Employers Recruiting: