Host Your Own Virtual Job Fair

Choose Your PackageLicense Basic PackageLicense Plus PackageLicense VIP Package
Number of Virtual Online Job Fair(s)1 Event1 Event1 Event
Recruiter(s) attending event1 Recruiter License3 Recruiter Licenses5 Recruiter Licenses per event
Job Posting(s)1 job postings3 job postings5 job postings
Resume Views
*very important option. Most employers want to view resumes prior to interviewing job seekers.
No Resumes Views. You will need to ask each job seeker to send you their resume before you chat with themTotal 50 Resume views per recruiter. Total 150 Resume Views 
View resumes before you chat with job seeker
Total 50 Resume views per recruiter 
Total 250 Resume Views.

View resumes of registered job seekers plus those in our database
Total Job Seeker attendance for event
[[*for additional job seekers attending your event contact us for additional pricing ]]
Up to 150 job seekers Up to 200 job seekers Up to 300 job seekers per event
we advertise your event to our 1 Million registered job seekers
You do your own advertising
You do your own advertising

*we can add advertisement at an additional fee
We advertise your event to over 1 million registered job seekers in our database. We will schedule 3 newsletter blasts to advertise your event.
Youtube Advertisement NoNoYes
We will develop a video and post on our youtube channel to advertise your event. You can also provide us with your own video.
Instagram/other social media advertisementNoNoYes
We will advertise your event on our Instagram, facebook and other social media pages
 License Basic PackageLicense Plus PackageLicense VIP Package
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License our proprietary Virtual Job Fair software to host your own event. You may host a job fair, open house, training session, or other informational event.

How are these “Host Your Own Event” used by schools? Schools license our software to host their own monthly, quarterly or yearly events. Our software platform is provided to each school so that you can have control over the entire job fair and you can host as many job fairs as you need.

Benefits of hosting your own event

  • You have the control over your event
    • You decide the date, the time and how to manage your event.
    • We simply provide you the software
  • No employer competition
    • No other schools or employers will attend your event. This event is only for you and your team.
    • Job seekers attending your event are ready to interview with your school 
  • You set the date and time
    • Check our Job Fair Calendar Choose a date not taken by other events and host your event
  • You have access to all the job seekers that register and attend the event
    • All job seekers that register and attend the event are yours
    • We will provide you at the end of the event with a list of all registered job seekers
  • You control the advertising
    • You do your own advertising
    • In the case you choose the package that includes our company providing advertising, we will contact you to receive the information required to do advertising for you.
  • You control the results of the event
    • The entire event will be managed by you

Reasons to use our proprietary Virtual Job Fair software

  • Very easy to use
    • There are no downloads
    • You will not need any of your organizations technical or website team to assist you. We handle everything
    • Our virtual software was developed by us and is hosted in our secured servers
    • You simply log in, enter the event and begin recruiting
  • Support & training before, during and after the event
    • We provide you with step by step how to video on what to do when you enter the job fair.
    • We provide a dedicated account manager to assist you before, during and after the event.
  • Chat
    • Our software has chat (text) function used to chat privately with each job seeker
  • Video Interview
    • Video Interview option is provided in the case you want to meet face to face with job seeker. Simply click a button and begin the video interview
  • Phone Interview
    • Phone Interview option is provided in the case you want to have a telephone call. Simply click a button and begin the call. It’s just like making a cellphone call
  • Public Forum
    • We provide public forum so you can broadcast announcements with all job seekers at the same time. Introduce your team, inform job seekers of the positions available and requirements, provide them instructions to apply or chat privately with you and your team.

How to Register for “Host Your Own Event”

  • Contact us by phone or email to receive pricing and registration  

CONTACT US:   718-902-5926   EMAIL US