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Invictus Prep Charter School

370 Fountain Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, United States

Phone: 718-235-1682
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Department Chairperson


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Brooklyn, NY, United States 




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Full time




Education: Junior-High School

Job Description:

1.  Curriculum Development and Supervision
  • Supports and plans for implementation and vertical alignment of the department curriculum
  • Ensures effective use of Understanding by Design framework
  • Evaluates and selects a variety of instructional materials, textbooks, and curriculum guides
2. Instruction
  • Conducts classroom observations and provides supervision and evaluation of teachers
  • Works in conjunction with the Special Education department in planning the instructional program for the special education students.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness, and recommends the use of various teaching methodologies.

3. Professional Development
  • Schedules and organizes departmental  meetings  in  order  to  effect  horizontal and  vertical  articulation of  the instructional program at our school.
  • Shares with the staff current research in such areas as curriculum development and pedagogical innovations through curriculum bulletins, guides, handbooks and departmental meetings.
  • Recommends and directs teacher attendance at conferences, workshops and  meetings designed for  continued professional development.
  • Coaches individual teachers to assist them accomplishing professional goals.
4.  Assessment
  • Trains and assists teachers to use assessment data to effectively drive instruction.
  • Coordinates all facets of internal interim assessment program.
  • Supports school’s testing coordinator with NYS testing as needed.
  • Supervises and coordinates training teachers in using appropriate diagnostic techniques.
5. School Responsibilities
  • Manages department resources and places purchase requests as appropriate.
  • Meets regularly with the Instructional Leadership Team for the purpose of maintaining ongoing communication regarding a wide spectrum of school related issues.
  • Carries out such special functions, projects or assignments as the Directors may direct.
  • Actively participates in the recruitment, screening, hiring, training and assigning of personnel.
  • Demonstrate good judgment and good problem-solving skills
  • Direct and instruct others
  • Effectively assess the instructional and educational needs of pupils, and design, develop, and implement sound instructional and educational programs
  • Follow safety procedures and written and verbal instructions
  • Make independent decisions
  • Organize tasks, set priorities and meet deadlines, manage multiple tasks
  • Perform research and development activities pertaining to curriculum and instructional programs
  • Plan, organize, develop and conduct a comprehensive teaching and instruction program
  • Respond appropriately to evaluation and changes in the work setting.
  • Work autonomously within school established guidelines and policies
  • Work effectively with staff, students, and public

Job Requirements:

The Department Chair is accountable for setting, implementing, and measuring yearly department goals related to increasing student achievement.  The primary function of the Department Chair is to be the instructional leader for the department. The top priorities of the department chair are:
  • Support and plan for implementation and vertical alignment of the department curriculum
  • Ensure consistent delivery of instruction across the department
  • Coach teachers in sound instructional practices and evaluate their progress
  • Oversee interim assessment program and use of data to inform instruction
  • Manage department resources
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Cohort of department teachers and teaching assistants
11 months (August 1 – June 30)
  • Ability to building strong relationships with staff, students, and parents
  • At least 5 years prior teaching experience in middle/high school
  • Demonstrated success working in non-traditional and/or urban school settings
  • Expertise in curriculum writing and using data to improve instruction
  • NYS teaching certification (preferred)
  • Outstanding communication and organizational skills
  • Willingness to learn and grow professionally