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Balsz Elementary School District #31

4825 E Roosevelt St
Phoenix, AZ, United States

Phone: 6026296400
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6-8 English Teacher


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Phoenix, AZ, United States 




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Full time



Job Description:

Essential Functions:
  • Demonstrates ability to manage productively groups of students.
  • Demonstrates accountability for student growth in all areas consistent with District developed object.
  • Produces evidence of a comprehensive background in child development, instructional strategies, classroom curricular implementation, learning theory and the effective school research.
  • Plans, implements and evaluates instructional programs appropriate for areas of assignment and student population.
  • Works cooperatively with administration and staff at the building level to best meet the educational needs of the student population.
  • Assumes responsibility for providing instruction to students consistent with the District Goals and Objectives.
  • Develops procedures for assessing and evaluating student progress on stated objectives.
  • Modifies instruction for students not performing appropriately with grade level materials.
  • Uses current research relevant to instructional strategies in most effectively organizing classroom activities.
  • Demonstrates knowledge in subject areas.
  • Helps students develop positive self-concepts.
  • Supports and implements established District discipline program.
  • Becomes aware of and follows the policies and procedures of the school and District.
  • Specifies objectives for lessons.
  • Specifies teaching procedures for the lesson.
  • Specifies content, materials and media for lessons.
  • Specifies procedures for assessing student progress.
  • Takes into account students’ abilities and learning styles.
  • Obtains and uses information about students and seeks assistance from specialists.
  • Takes into account different rates of learning.
  • Uses instructional equipment and other aides.
  • Gives directions and explanation related to lesson.
  • Uses student responses and questions in teaching.
  • Provides student feedback throughout lesson.
  • Uses acceptable written and oral expression.
  • Uses learning activities, which are logically sequenced.
  • Uses a variety of teaching methods appropriately and effectively.
  • Demonstrates ability to work with individuals, small and large groups.
  • Gets students initially involved in the lesson.
  • Provides opportunities for participation.
  • Reinforces student involvement.
  • Uses instructional time effectively.
  • Attends to routine tasks.
  • Maintains an attractive and stimulating learning environment.
  • Communicates enthusiasm.
  • Demonstrates warmth and friendliness.
  • Demonstrates sensitivity to needs and feelings of students.
  • Maintains positive classroom behavior.
  • Manages disruptive behavior.
  • Works cooperatively with colleagues, administrators and community members.
  • Works cooperatively with parents.
  • Follows the policies and administrative procedures of the school and District.
  • Participates in professional growth activities exclusive of required in-service.
  • Assists in accomplishing school goals.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

  • Possesses or qualifies for appropriate Arizona Teacher Certificate.
  • Possesses special area endorsements, Language Arts and Secondary Education, as required by state and/or federal regulations or District policy and procedures.