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Richmond College Prep Schools

1014 Florida Ave., Richmond, CA 94806
Richmond, CA, United States

Phone: 510-631-6213
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8th Grade Math Teacher


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Richmond, CA, United States 




55,000 + based on experience per year

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Full time




Education: Classroom Teaching level3, Elementary School, Junior-High School

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About Richmond College Prep Schools:

We are a high performing charter school in Richmond. We started with a preschool in 2004, and we now serve students in preschool, as well as students in TK through 8th grades. We’re currently looking for teachers who love middle school age students, and who are eager to help our school leaders create an enriching, rigorous, and culturally responsive program for our middle school students. 

Each teacher is provided with a daily one hour of prep time,  a full-time instructional aide to support in the classroom, and a $1,500 signing bonus. For more information about RCP, please visit our website:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Develop and implement lesson plans and instructional activities in all content areas that are aligned to the CA Common Core State Standards.

Assess students regularly and analyze student results; refine and differentiate classroom instruction based on assessment data and student needs.

Implement IEPs for students receiving Special Education services, and participate in Student Success Team meetings for students who need additional academic or behavioral support.

Evaluate academic, behavioral, and social-emotional growth of students and keep appropriate and accurate records.

Create an effective environment for learning and hold all students accountable to the high academic and behavioral expectations of the school community.

Communicate regularly with students and their families. Hold conferences to discuss individual student progress.

Collaborate with a grade-level partner, other staff members, and the school administration to improve instructional practices and to develop and implement data-driven plans to best support the needs of students.

Participate in professional development opportunities provided by the school. Create individual professional growth goals and work to meet these goals throughout the course of the school year.

Collaborate with, support, and supervise an Instructional Assistant on a daily basis in the classroom.

Support the mission, vision, and core values of Richmond College Prep.

Perform other related duties as required and assigned.


Salary compensation is competitive to nearby districts

A $1,500 signing bonus

Health and Dental Coverage

One hour of prep and one hour of lunch each day

Each teacher has an Instructional Assistant to support with daily instruction

You will be a part of a nurturing school family

Job Requirements:


Bachelor’s Degree

Valid California Multiple Subjects teaching credential or Single Subject Credential in Mathematics

Prior elementary classroom teaching experience is preferred