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School of Education, Indiana University Bloomington

201 N. Rose Avenue
Bloomington, IN, United States

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Graduate Degree and Certificate in Special Education


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Bloomington, IN, United States 



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Full time




Education: Classroom Teaching level3, Early Childhood Care & Development, Elementary School, Junior-High School, School-College Administration, Special Education

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For those who want to make a difference in the lives of all learners, with and without disabilities

Indiana University Bloomington School of Education's Special Education program prepares teachers and researchers to work with all kinds of learners.

You'll develop individualized programs and adapt instruction for students with a range of disabilities, including students with learning disabilities, communication impairments, autism, behavioral disorders, and others.

Online offers include:


  1. Master’s (M.S.Ed.) in Special Education
    This degree prepares you to work with individuals with mild/high-incidence disabilities in a variety of settings, and students complete a capstone project or master’s thesis in special education on a topic of their choice. The program can be completed residentially or online and with or without licensure in Exceptional Needs: Mild Intervention.

  2. Certificate in Preparing Educators of Students with Autism
    The program is designed for professionals and others interested in understanding and supporting individuals on the autism spectrum. The PESA certificate prepares students for diverse careers and endeavors, such as: Autism specialist or consultant, Special education teacher, School psychologist, Speech/language therapist, Professional serving families of infants and toddlers, Parent of a child on the autism spectrum, Higher education faculty.

Application deadlines:
        Spring 2021 deadline is November 2, 2020
        Summer 2021 deadline is April 1, 2021
        Fall 2021 deadline is January 15, 2021

Contact: Brenda Helms -