Bilingual Teacher Jobs

If there was one type of career that has job security and is highly in demand is Bilingual Teachers.    A bilingual teacher leads a classroom of students who do not speak English as a first language or are learning a second language.     The ability to speak a second or third language allows the teacher to communicate and teach students who are not fluent in English or are learning another language. 
Salary and Job Outlook
Bilingual Teachers may earn slightly higher salaries than other types of teachers.   Some schools districts in the US offer sign in bonuses and others are offering financial perks to get Teachers to work for their districts.   Bilingual Teachers are highly sought after and in high demand.  In many cases the teacher may ask for more money or other perks to be included in their compensation packages.

For kindergarten and elementary school teachers, the average salary is $54, 550 per year.  Middle school teachers earn an average annual salary of $55,860 per year.  High School teachers earn an annual salary of $57,200.   These are numbers provided by the US Bureaus Labor Statistics.

The job outlook for teachers is strong.   There is a supply and demand problem with hiring teachers and hiring teachers nationwide keeps increasing.   At we see school districts traveling nationwide to recruit teachers from other states and offering perks to get recent graduates to join their school districts. 

International Schools also hire Bilingual Teachers to teach in other countries.   At we are seeing an increase of international schools from other parts of the world traveling to the US to recruit teachers that can teach English as a second language in other countries.   Salaries are often higher and include perks as incentives to live abroad and experience other cultures.
How to become a Bilingual Teacher
  1. Earn a Bachelor Degree:  Bilingual Teachers must have a Bachelor’s Degree.  Ideally the teacher must have a degree in Education, language or a related field.  
    1. First two years of the Bachelor’s Degree take general education courses
    2. During junior and senior years of college, prospective bilingual teachers participate in classroom observations and begin to assist teachers in teaching at least for one semester
Our advice is in the senior year apply for Teaching internships or get a job as Teacher Assistant to get classroom experience for the resume
  1. Get a State Certification:  A teaching certification is required and each state has its own certification requirements.    Many schools require that you have an English Language Learner (ELL), English as a second language (ESL), Teacher of English as a second language (TESOL), or Teacher of Foreign Language (TEFL) certification.   You apply for the state certification after you get your bachelor’s degree.  To get the certification you must pass an exam.   
    1. In some states you can earn a Master’s Degree in Education and this may be an alternative to the state certification. 
    2. If you have achieved fluency in a second language in another career, you may be eligible to pursue other pathways to certification.   Check with your state.
Job Titles for this position
Bilingual Teacher, Bilingual Educator
English Language Learner (ELL) Teacher
English as Second Language (ESL) Teacher
Teacher of English as Second Language (TESOL)
Teacher of Foreign Language (TEFL)